Portrait made from paper strips

The Beginning

I started making my products back in 2014, by folding pages from an old magazine into strips.

I then made my first circular coaster and everything else followed from that. In the end I had to make templates

for all my designs in order to sell them professionally  I'm so proud and pleased that my products

are environmentally friendly, This has always been a strong talking point with everyone that has bought these products, the fact that all my creations are upcycled from old magazines is quite mind boggling .

 I am still very passionate about  my work if not more so after all these years. 

I feel so lucky to be able to create what I have to offer as art to the world.

Two years from  now I plan on opening a gallery cafe where other artist can display their works which customers 

can buy whilst sitting and enjoying hot n cold beverages  in a nice arty environment.  There will be audio as well as visual art on offer.

Thank you for visiting this site, please pop back again soon

Darran Hitch         

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