100%  Handcrafted from Recycled Magazines,  We Have a Varierty of Bespoke Pieces,

Coffee Tables, Large Wall Mirrors, Picture Frames, Display Boxes, Coasters, Mp3 Speakers & Portraits

Everything is made to order.

About us

We don't just offer high quality and unique designs, our products are also environmentally friendly to. There is always a short waiting time for smaller pieces & a bit longer for Larger pieces.  But don't worry it's worth the wait as we always deliver on quality.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend  these products to anyone, what you get is real quality for your money

(John Stacks )

Good quality paper products, arrived in good time nicely packaged

(Laura Burrow)

With Christmas on it's way I shall definately be returning for more gifts 

I can't believe the quality  of these products really affordable to

Tsuni Apdul

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